CryptoSys PKI Toolkit Manual

Cms.GetSigDataDigest Method (String, String, Boolean)

Extracts the message digest from a signed-data CMS object file and verifies the signature (legacy version)


public static string GetSigDataDigest(
	string inputFile,
	string certFile,
	bool inputIsBase64
Public Shared Function GetSigDataDigest ( _
	inputFile As String, _
	certFile As String, _
	inputIsBase64 As Boolean _
) As String


file containing CMS signed-data object
an (optional) X.509 certificate file to be used to identify the signer
[OBSOLETE: this parameter is ignored]

Return Value

Hash value in hex format or an empty string if error


If no certificate is given, it will use the first valid SignerInfo and certificate pair it finds in the SignedData.

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