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Developer's Licence

A Developer's Licence for the CryptoSys API costs US$159. One developer licence allows you to use the program on one developer PC and allows full incorporation into your applications for distribution to unlimited third parties world wide or within your organisation. Please read the licence.

Are you buying the right product?
Please note we sell two different products under the CryptoSysTM brand name. This page is for CryptoSys API, which provides symmetrical encryption with block ciphers like AES, Blowfish and Triple DES; and other elementary cryptographic functions.

This is NOT for the CryptoSys PKI Toolkit which provides asymmetric public key encryption and digital signing with RSA and X.509 certificates. For the differences between the two products, see CryptoSys Product Features. For more on the CryptoSys PKI Toolkit, see here.

Try before you buy

You may evaluate the Trial Edition of CryptoSys API for free before you buy. All the functionality of the full Licensed Edition is available in the Trial Edition. Please make sure it does what you require before purchase.

To purchase

We sell our products through our reseller, Kagi, who accept all major credit credit cards including American Express, Mastercard and Visa; PayPal, and other methods of payment including Purchase Orders, Wire Transfer, Money Order, Cash and Check: see other methods of payment below.

Select quantity of CryptoSys API
  1. Purchase the CryptoSys API Developer Licence from the Kagi Secure Order Site. (note that this product is the first one in the list): Buy It Now »
  2. You will be issued with a Licence ID. The Licence ID is in the email you receive from Kagi acknowledging your purchase - it is a long way down, so keep scrolling.
  3. Enter your Licence ID on our download page to receive the latest Developer Edition of the software.

Note that the fee paid for the licence is purely for the licence and the right to download one copy of the software. You are assumed to have tested the Trial Edition and satisfied yourself that it works as you require.

Credit card statement:
Your credit card will be billed by INFO.KAGI.COM or GCBerkeley.kagi.com.

Other methods of payment: Wire Transfer, Money Order, Cash and Check

If you do not have a credit card or PayPal account, you can pay Kagi by wire transfer, money order, cash or check.

  1. Select the items and click on Add to cart or Continue» to go to the "Your Shopping Cart" screen.
  2. Check the quantities and totals are correct then click on Proceed to checkout»
  3. Under Payment Method you will see the choices for

Kagi makes an extra charge of US$25 for these methods of payment, and your Licence ID details are not released until funds are cleared. This may take some time for Kagi to process and clear. With bank transfers, make sure the correct amount is deposited into Kagi's account after bank fees en route.

For more details about payment methods, please contact Kagi directly.


Licenced owners may download the CryptoSys API Developer Version here.

Integrity Check

Check the integrity of your CryptoSys API software here.


For futher information, please contact us.

If you have a problem with your payment, please contact Kagi directly.

This page last updated 6 May 2013